The charm of African braids

The braids made by Jando.Quality.Hair

African Braids by

Jando Quality Hair




The techniques used to make braids are very simple and are the result of years of experience, in fact, women working in the field begin their experience from the earliest years of life and acquire with time the speed necessary to complete the work in the shortest as possible.
The braids are done starting from the skin, adding a lock of your hair to add synthetic material in order to obtain braid after braid, an outcome very natural, subtle and elegant, as if your hair with the length you have chosen , even to the bottom. Braids for beautiful and durable European hair must have a minimum length of 6-8 cm.
If desired, may also be made of sunstroke, whatever you have them already or not, play games or color glamorous.


The classic African braids are hand made by combining your hair, synthetic hair directly from the root.
African braids so accomplished are very compact and regular, and since part of your skin after work will not see any "junction point". The final length of the pigtail can be chosen to your liking, so to stretch your natural hair.

Are performed with their hair adding synthetic ones to give support and protection to your. Run from beginning to end in close contact with the skin, wanting to alternative tracks in order to obtain very original and bold styling.



Synthetic extensions can be chosen at the point of your hair color or different shades to achieve pleasant effects of melange.

The execution time depends greatly on the thickness of the braids to achieve and of their length.
The processing times vary depending on the braids out and the type of quality achieved.
Your hair with braids can be washed normally and unlike like "Rasta" protect your skin.


The procedure is identical to that of classical braids, with the difference that the times are obviously longer, as they are much thinner braids. The processing times are long and vary in length and type of the fact that the braids are fine.